Brand New Homes

Creating an atmosphere of entire comfort and indulgence, we pride ourselves on building homes of quality, luxury and sophistication for our clients.   Whether you wish to reinvent the wheel with a modern take on a traditional style, or create a sleek contemporary modern home, we can seamlessly integrate interior and exterior to achieve your dream home.   We strive to design and build homes that will truly compliment your block and utilise its orientation to achieve optimum results in natural lighting and your lifestyle living.

With each home we build, there is endless client communication, an exceptional standard of quality craftsmanship, matched with an extensive list of luxury inclusions.   Already have your dream home plans? ….then let Mayché build your home to ensure a stress free experience and delivery of a home where quality is second to none.

Knock Down & Rebuild

Out with the old and in with the new…..whether your property no longer suits your needs or you’ve simply outgrown it, or if you need a change but don’t want to leave your area, then a KDR might be the perfect solution.   Perhaps you’re looking to purchase property but are unsure if the existing dwelling is salvageable or not?  We can provide the consulting you need in order to ascertain if a KDR is your best option.   Best of all, your brand new home may be more cost effective than a large renovation project.

We partner with you to integrate a design that personally suits you.  Start with a blank canvas and be creative to incorporate a brand new home that’s a true reflection of your personality and evolving lifestyle.  We will work with you through design, demolition, council to construction and will ensure the delivery of a customised quality home that you envisaged.   Already have a new design with plans in place? ….then we can simply provide you with a complete build cost to construct your new home and turn it into reality.

Extensions & Renovations

The key to an extension or renovation project is the ability to design a new space that compliments the existing dwelling effortlessly.  We can create extensions of luxury without compromise to functionality to reflect the growing needs of families, a change in lifestyle or to add significant value to your property.

Importantly with any extension/renovation, ensuring that the structural integrity of the existing dwelling won’t be compromised is fundamental and this is an integral part of our consulting process.    You don’t have to be limited with an extension, an array of diverse spaces can be created to result in a completely new look to achieve the results you desire.

Dual Occupancy

With a vast of our population living extremely busy lifestyles, dual occupancies are rapidly becoming more popular.  Not only do you achieve a home that allows creative spaces and functionality, but it’s a home with low maintenance which is essential when matched with our hectic lifestyles.

For many people, a dual occupancy development is proving to be key in maximising the value of their land.  Being able to ascertain two homes on your site maximises land usage whilst also creating valued investment opportunities and options.

Mayché can service first time home investors through to astute developers.   We can provide a complete turn-key town planning and construction process, or, if you already have plans underway, we can provide turn-key construction costs.   We are able to assist our clients during all steps of the process – from initial project feasibility, through to design and costing, town planning approval, and construction.

Many dual occupancies throughout the streets are of similar perspective and style.  We pride ourselves on offering our clients with a project of uniqueness and one that is distinguished to stand out from the rest.  We will focus on providing a solution that optimises the land and one that will suit your budget requirements.

Multi Unit Developments

Mayché can service projects of smaller developments (3 units) through to larger developments of 6 townhouses/units.   Whether you’re a first time project investor, an astute developer or already have the plans ready to go, we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Whatever your needs may be, we will partner with you throughout all steps of the process (or parts thereof depending on your requirements) from initial project feasibility, design and costing, town planning approval, right through to construction.

One thing that will always stay paramount with scope is the delivery of a quality product that’s tailored to our clients’ specific needs ultimately resulting in their desired outcome.

We can take care of it all!

We service entire development projects from concept to completion

We also offer entire development packages for clients that may envisage developing their property but don’t have the time or experience to achieve their desired outcome. From initial architectural drawings, associated consultants, town planning, demolition, building permits through to construction, we can undertake your development through its entirety. Our focus is to ensure a smooth running project that definitively results in a complete ‘hassle free’ experience for our clients.

Please contact us should you wish to discuss development opportunities further.